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WIOTC officially released the first World Internet of Things White Paper

The World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC), the world's foremost international organization in the Internet of Things, released the first World Internet of Things White Paperat the 2018 WIOTC held at the China National Convention Center on October 20, 2018. The White Paper was written by the WIOTC Expert Advisory Committee, the Internet of Things Innovation Alliance, the World Internet of Things Research Institute, and international academicians, experts and scholars after more than a decade of global research. It aims to provide a direction and goals for governments, enterprises and organizations in the world to explore and develop the new economy of IoT and establish the smart economy of the IoT world, with the purpose to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the IoT industry in all countries, build a smart world where Everything interacts, and practice the community of shared future for mankind.

The first World Internet of Things White Paper release ceremony

World Internet of Things White Paper (2018), Chinese and English version

He Xuming, Executive Chairman of WIOTC, delivers a speech

Mr. He Xuming, Executive Chairman of WIOTC, Chairman of the World IoT Foundation, and the lead author of the World IoT White Paper, introduced the idea of the white paper at the 2018 WIOTC, pointing out that the Internet is the interaction between people and information, which appears in the extension of the US Department of Defense's private network; the IoT is not only the interaction between people and information, but more importantly, the deep integration of the real economy industry. There is no reference, but innovations and creations. At present, the perception of the IoT by the government, enterprises, and organizations in the world is still being explored and tested. Moreover, the world's corporate giants, countries and regions have tried to seize the highlands, each do things in its own way, lacking industrialization and development direction, goals and theoretical support, which is also an important factor that can not constitute the world IoT and the world IoT cake is not big, Therefore, the first World Internet of Things White Paperwas produced, which provides direction and reference for the interconnection of all things in the world.

Zhang Hua, Vice-chairman of WIOTC Organizing Committee, elaborated upon the white paper

Zhang Hua, vice chairman of WIOTC Organizing Committee, explained the white paper. He said that with the in-depth development of the information revolution represented by the Internet, the IoT came into being, which has brought tremendous changes and development space to all things in the world. The world's major powers have successively formulated the national IoT Action Plan, and global corporate giants have tried to seize the IoT highlands. International IoT enterprises and research institutes are eager to try and share the super cake of the smart economy of World IoT. However, what kind of idea, mission, architecture system, attributes, and development direction people give to the World IoT, where everything interconnected, are still in the exploration and experimentation.

He added that the White Paper mainly focuses on the cognition generation, attributes, definition, framework system, standard requirements and the development of the smart economy of world IoT, so as to guide a healthy and sustainable development of the IoT, to create an intelligent world where everything is connected, to build a community of shared future for mankind and promote the progress of human society. The white paper consists of seven parts, including the Overview of the World IoT, the Definition and Architecture of World IoT, Smart Economic System of World IoT, Support for World IoT Standards, Status Quo and Problems of the Development of World IoT, the Application and Future of World IoT, and the Complimentary Close. Both Chinese and English versions are released at the same time. This White Paper is the pathfinder and implementation plan of the World IoT, which will be included in the history of the wisdom era of human society.

The first World Internet of Things White Paper describes the foundation, development significance, mission and role of the world IoT, proposes the architecture and development direction of the world IoT, and outlines the construction and development of the IoT in major countries on five continents. By 2050, there will be more than one hundred billion objects connected to IoT and its market value is expected to reach a hundred trillion US dollars. He Xuming, executive chairman of WIOTC, summarized the advantages and existing problems in the development of global IoT, pointed out the direction of IoT sustainable development, explained the background information of World IoT White Paper, and the architecture, attributes and future development of world IoT, came up with suggestions concerning how to construct IoT and how to set an industrialized market for world smart economy, and called for governments to encourage the development of IoT industry by taking IoT into consideration in their strategic planning of national economy, setting up specialized agency for IoT, building regional and national IoT demonstration bases and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. He expressed the vision that the WIOTC would actively promote the development of world IoT industry, benefit the smart life and work of the public, help building a community of shared future for mankind, as well as assist the achievement of 2030 Goals and Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.



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